My goal is to produce beautiful and intriguing images of the nude woman. I prefer to work spontaneously and creatively in the moment, without too much preconceived idea/concept. This takes some trust, by both the model and myself.

The above said, it is often helpful to discuss the general nature of the shoot and images we are looking for beforehand. And I do want to know what your ideas are: what inspires you, what your limits are, etc. While I may not realize exactly what you had in mind, I usually manage something interesting.

I usually work in TRADE: a collaborative exchange of talent, time, energy, equipment, etc. For me, the introduction of money changes the dynamic in subtle but real ways, and affects the quality of the images. I support people making money from their efforts, but for this work I try to avoid it. I have a separate profession I make my living from.

I have a Model/Photographer Agreement that we will both sign and keep copies of. It gives us both equal rights to use the finished images as we wish. I can provide the agreement to you beforehand for your review.

I can provide you with the contact info. of numerous recent models, who will attest to my integrity and general not-creepiness. I try to be sensitive to my models feelings, and want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You are welcome to bring someone to the shoot as an escort, as long as they are chill, and don't interrupt the creative process.

Women sometimes worry that they are not beautiful enough, or that they're bodies are not perfect. No one is perfect, but everyone can shine, in my opinion, and it's my job to capture and celebrate that shining ;-)

I shoot in a variety of locations, both indoors and outdoors. I prefer non-studio settings, and so am always scouting for interesting places to shoot. I very much like to hear of location ideas from the model, and I can usually make anything work. I like shooting in a models home, as it seems to allow a more relaxed feeling. However I can always provide a suitable place if I need to.

I do sometimes shoot for money, if a client wants exclusive rights (I do not publish in any way). Please inquire as to rates, which are on a sliding scale. I also very occasionally will pay a model I really want to work with.

At the end of every shoot I try to take an image with my model. Sometimes they get a little silly ;-) And sometimes I forget ;-/ Here is a slideshow of some of my Last Shots.