Over the years I have shot with a variety of cameras. My first shoots were on 35mm film, using a Minolta X-700 my mother gave me. That was stolen at Waterloo Station, just in time for the digital revolution. I played around with some of the early digital point and shoots, then got the first digital SLR, the Canon Rebel 300D. Eventually I stepped up to a Canon 5D, and am now using the 5D Mk II. My favorite lens for shooting women is a 50mm, the faster the better. I’m currently using a manual Nikkor 50mm/f1.2 on my 5D with an adaptor. I sometimes shoot with a 35mm Vivitar manual lens.

A few years ago I started shooting film again, and I must say many of my favorite images are on film. I have a Canon Rebel 35mm, which I rarely use any more. A generous friend gave me a Nikkormat. My all-time favorite camera is my Hasselblad 500C/M. I also occasionally shoot in large format, and have a Linhof Technika 4×5 field camera. I get a lot of film secondhand, and so use a great variety. There is lots of expired film, sitting in refrigerators and freezers all over the place, waiting for me to get my grimy hands on. 😉

I occasionally shoot with my mobile phone.

I don’t own any lighting equipment, although I have in the past. These days I prefer reflected sunlight light, for the natural feel it provides. But if circumstances necessitate, I’ll make do with whatever ‘found light’ is about.